Mary Lin Education Foundation grants $25,000 to the Outdoor Classroom and Learning Garden

Mary Lin Education Foundation granted $25,000 for the implementation of Phase 1 of our school’s new Outdoor Classroom. The Mary Lin Outdoor Classroom and Learning Garden will provide students with real-life experiences, outdoor labs, observations and investigations that will assist our students in the learning process. All subjects or curriculum can be presented in an outdoor classroom and all ages can take advantage of learning in the great outdoors. The funds will be used to widen and grade the hill by the art room patio, mitigate erosion and drainage problems, remove and replace some trees, and provide new planting areas and pathways. Additionally, we plan for new seating for the art room patio as well as the Mary Lin Habitat so that students can participate in hand-on learning in a natural wetland area like they did for many years pre-construction.

Thank you to MELF for your support and to the parents, staff, students and community for their generous contributions to our annual Rocket Fuel Fund!

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