Save Water – Turn off the faucets!

Mary Lin is teaching our students about Water Conservation in so many ways: we installed a 500+ gallon cistern in our Outdoor Classroom which collects rain water from the roof and has an irrigation system for the garden beds, PTA purchased multiple Brita Hydration stations that were installed next to water fountains in our hallways to encourage students and faculty to refill water bottles and stay hydrated.

On December 20th, we posted signs in all our classrooms, and by the drinking fountains, reminding students and teachers to turn off water faucets when not being used.

Think Green & “Turn off the Juice”


As the Mary Lin community got ready to leave for the Thanksgiving Holiday, we created  an in-school campaign to “Think Green and Turn off the Juice”! We talked about how when room lights, computers or printers are not being used or when any electronic item doesn’t need to be powered that you should turn it off and unplug. We posted signs in every classroom and turned off or unplugged as much as possible before Thanksgiving Break.

Items like laptops, cell phone chargers, tvs and microwaves should be UNPLUGGED because they continue to draw electrical current even when turned off. These types of devices are called Energy Vampires because they suck up energy! Turning off and unplugging are very simple actions that we can do to help save energy, reduce pollution, and save our planet.

Waste Free Wednesday Lunch celebrating America Recycles Day


Mary Lin students celebrated America Recycles Day on November 15th by participating in Waste Free Wednesday during lunch. We encouraged parents to send in lunch without any disposable products. Parents volunteered to oversee lunch shifts and help the kids sort their waste/recyclables. We talked about food waste and many of the kids either finished their lunches or brought the rest home. There is a lot of waste with cafeteria food. The students were excited and many were proud to show off their waste free lunches and learn more about recycling.

Thanks to Julie Roseman, Dirk Lamb and the many parent volunteers who helped make this special day happen for Mary Lin Elementary and our planet.

Mary Lin Elementary Wins APS Plastic Bag & Plastic Film Packaging Recycling Challenge for 2nd year in a row!


From October 30-November 10th, Mary Lin Elementary participated in the APS 2017 Plastic Bag and Plastic Film Recycling Challenge. Students and families dropped off their plastic bags and plastic film recyclables in designated containers in front of school.

Plastic film is essentially plastic bags and packaging that are clean, dry and empty. Such items include newspaper sleeves, bread bags, cereal liners, product wrap, food storage bags, produce bags, grocery bags, ice bags, dry cleaning bags, pellet bags, case overwrap, packaging air pillows, salt bags, and LDPE/HDPE films.

Live Thrive Atlanta’s Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM), in collaboration with Atlanta Public Schools, and the City of Atlanta – Mayor’s Office of Resilience, partnered to bring the 2017 Plastic Film Challenge to APS schools in honor of America Recycles Day!

Mary Lin families collected enough to fill 60 large trash bags – that’s over 900 lbs!! We also collected over 50 political campaign signs that were either in yards or found tossed on the sidewalk outside polling stations.

Last year, we won first place and received a check for $350 that was used for the Outdoor Classroom and Learning Garden. This year, the winning school that collects the most bags will receive an earth friendly composite material bench donated by Trex. It was recently announced that Mary Lin Elementary won again!!

Check out our new Trex bench.IMG_7312