Outdoor Learning for Math

Outdoor Learning for Language Arts

  • Pick a great novel for each of your reading groups and have your kids head outside and read together out loud under the shade of a tree.
  • See how many sounds your kids’ footprints can make over various surfaces and then write onomatopoeia poetry using the sounds.
  • Practice hand-writing using water, paintbrushes and rocks. Get active while practicing grammar.Instead of “Duck, Duck, Goose,” play “Noun, Noun, Adjective.”
  • Have your students write poetry about something they observe outside.
  • Bury magnetic letters in sand or dirt and have your kids dig them out.
  • Make story stones to summarize a story graphically that you have read in class.
  • Build a “campfire” (don’t use real fire!) and lead a book discussion.

Outdoor Learning for Science

Outdoor Learning for Music and Art

Outdoor Learning for P.E.

  • Create an obstacle course on your school grounds using rocks, trees and other natural “obstacles.”
  • Go on a hike around campus.As you walk, discuss the things that keep a person healthy.
  • Challenge your students to finish certain physical feats in a small amount of time. (For example, “Can you run to the playground and go down the slide in 25 seconds or less?”)
  • Do a numbers freeze dance on the playground using sidewalk chalk and music.